Company History

1889-Protexall began as Globe Manufacturing

1919-Globe applied for trademark of Protexall Brand

1920-Received proper trademark of Protexall Brand

1920- Globe expands purchasing their competitor, Superior Garment Company.  Changing the name to Globe-Superior Company

1936-Globe-Superior/ Protexall is world leader in work clothes industry

1936- Globe merges with their chief competitor, Blue Bell Overall Company

1936- Globe changes name to Blue Bell

1936- Protexall Brand is sold to Earl Norris

1941- Protexall Brand sold to Norris’ Company

1959-Fire Struck leaving the building in ruins

1959-By Feb 1st the factory is completely up and running thanks to the efforts of many employees

1988- Larry Williams became the sole owner of Protexall

2009- DeMoulin Bros. and Co. purchased select assets of Protexall Inc., rebranding the division Protexall by DeMoulin.

Today- Protexall by DeMoulin is best known for quality, USA made work wear.  Providing dealers with work wear products across the nation and Canada.  In addition to work wear, Protexall is the distributor of the only line of Case IH branded work boots and rain boots. 

DeMoulin Bros. and Co. was established in 1892 by one of three DeMoulin brothers.  The Company originally manufactured lodge furniture and fraternal regalia and is today the oldest and largest manufacturer of music performance group apparel in the world.  For more information on DeMoulin Bros. and Co., visit their website